The Amulet of Souls

A small group of traders have made their way in the village of Vasuri, where they find financial failure. A small quest for the coin to pick themselves up leads to finding a strange, roughly forged amulet inlaid with a dark, glossy stone. It’s owner’s dying breath is to take it to the famed Imperial Academy, nearly a month’s travel on foot in good conditions. He fails to mention the wizard who seeks it, however, and the minions he is willing to sacrifice to unlock its power.

The Amulet of Souls is a ‘small’ campaign I’m cooking up in order to test my own ability to write story and narrative, game design, and develop the world that’s been shaking around in my head for some time now. It uses D&D 3.5 rules, but its own world named Wodira.

Amulet of Souls